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A story is only as good as how well it’s told.

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Yes please!


  • What is an audiobook?
  • An audiobook is when the text of a book has been recorded for people to listen to.
  • What types of books can become an audio book?
  • Any type of book with text can be turned in to an audiobook. Everything from sci fi, to fantasy to fiction and more! However picture books can be a little difficult.
  • How do I know what my audiobook will sound like?
  • Initially, the Audiobook dude will work with you to create a short demo. This is where you can work out a tone for the story, discuss and specific pronunciation and a projected time line for completion.
  • Will I be able to monitor the progress as it happens?
  • Yes! The Audiobook Dude likes to keep you involved every step of the way.
  • What format will my audio be delivered in?
  • You can choose from an MP3 or WAV file.
  • How does it work?
  • So you’ve written a great book! Now, lets bring your story to life.
    The process starts as we discuss:
    All pronunciations, characters, personalities, locations and themes.
    Then, we work out a time frame for completion, and the best way for you to keep up to date with how your audiobooks being produced and that you are happy with the project is it comes to life.
  • Where and how does it happen?
  • I record in a custom studio in my home, with broadcast quality AKG microphones and Pro Tools recording software. Having this set up ready and available for use 24/7 means I can turn around projects relatively quickly.
  • How long will it take?
  • The average time to turn around an audio book is approximately 1 day per 2,000 words. So if your book is 10,000 words you can expect to have something back in 5 days
  • What about Royalty Share Payments?
  • If you’re an author with a proven track record through online sales I’d be more than happy to consider a percentage share on royalties with you. Or we can keep with the word count arrangement as above.

He really gave my characters life. While I was writing I always imagined Graham as a leather-worn voice and Chris made that happen.


He got back to me real quick with that sample. The finished commercial was great! My business has doubled.


I was intrigued to hear the possibilities for my novel. I was amused by his funny impersonations, but I preferred the relaxing deep tones of his natural voice.




Voiceover Artist

From drama in school to working in the radio industry, I’ve taken all of the skills developed from thousands of character voice overs, to long and short form narrations and developing the craft of communicating and taken the world of audio book narration to the next level.

So when you want your story not only told, but bought to life talk to me: The Audiobook Dude.

When I’m not recording Audiobooks or other voice overs, I have a few interesting and varied passions. I’m quite a bit of a collector, and have an entire section of the house full of collectable figures, statues and props I’ve collected over the years. I’m also a musician who plays guitar and bass, and performs in a band. But when it comes to being the ultimate nerd I love nothing more than taking people for a drive around in my replica of the (original) Ghostbusters car, the Ecto 1!

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